Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Win: Finding Out Sooner Rather Than Later


YES, right!!!

That is exactly the point, to enjoy the process, but get better and better at NOT wasting time, energy, and emotion on the wrong people.

So the question is:
What are the lessons learned this time around? What is there to be grateful for? What gifts did you offer each other during the time you spent together?

Start a Gratitude Lesson Book, where you write down all of the lessons and gifts that each new interaction with dating partners offers you.

No matter how negative it seems, flip it to it’s positive and express your gratitude for the opportunity to learn it.

By writing it down and reviewing it, you will avoid having to learn it again- hopefully!!!!

And remember, no dating interaction is too small to score an entry. One call, an email, a date. If you had an emotional reaction to it, include it in your book.

So, actually, this is all a WIN for you- onward and upward!

To Our Readers: What was your latest lesson or gift?

Please comment.

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