Monday, October 6, 2008

Same Vision of the Future?, From Lisa

It is only 9pm and I am already home from a 2nd date with Barry. We had a wonderful dinner with plenty of nice conversation.

It felt nice to be with him and I like his calm demeanor and the ways he thinks.....and it was a good balance of questions and answers.

One thing that just came up in conversation is that he would never want to be married again, or live together, which is obviously my goal.

Since we were about to leave, I didn't question that further.......nor did I know HOW to question it further.

On the way home I was wondering if, because of that comment.........Do I
A) stay and hope I can convince him to change his mind someday (if all else works out and we become "attached"
B) ask him more about it soon or
C) politely tell him that we are not looking for the same things from relationship, so it won't work for me, and DELETE him??

I decided I would wait to see if he makes the first move to contact me this time, and soon bring it up to discuss further.

I think he could be a very decent guy and that he just had a couple of bad relationships in his life.

I get the feeling that he MIGHT be available for a deep meaningful relationship.......but he sure did seem pretty sure about never wanting that much compromise in his life again.

Your feedback on how to handle the early talk about whether a guy would ever live with or marry a woman would be helpful, please!


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