Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MatchMaker, Find Me a Match!


So, Table for Two is essentially a matchmaking service. They meet you, chat with you about who you are looking for, then set you up with hand-picked dates.

I think using a matchmaker is GREAT under some conditions.

It’s a great option, if you are too busy to meet quality people, if you are burned out on online dating, if you just can’t find the right type of partner.

Hey- they do all the work, you just show up. That’s a decent deal.

But, it’s usually more expensive than most people can afford. That’s it’s main draw back.

The other main drawback?

Although I’ve worked with some great matchmakers- not all are created equal!

So it’s critical to check references with past clients, to make sure you’ll get what you pay for.

Ask to speak with clients who they have been both successful and unsuccessful with to see what they have to say about the service, BEFORE you commit.

I can’t make that point more boldly. Check references!

The bottom line?

Here’s my main philosophy when it comes to dating to find your soulmate:

ANYTHING is worth trying, once.

Your soulmate could be patiently waiting for you anywhere:

At the next speed dating event,
On that park bench over there,
Sitting at your favorite coffee shop,
Standing in your favorite section of the book store,
At a singles dance,
On Match.com,
or another client of Table for Two waiting to be set up with you.

The important thing is to remain open to every opportunity that comes your way.

Then make the most of it, by acting on it.

Take a deep breath, and take a moment to check in with your gut. “Gut (or heart), what do you think I should do?”

If you get a green light, go ahead. It’s hardly ever a mistake to try.

As long as you keep dating with the positive expectation that your soulmate is out there and will be coming into your life, then everything you do will take you one step closer to finding him.

Even if you don’t meet him through Table for Two, you no doubt will learn some very important lessons through the experience that will bring you closer to finding true love.

That’s what makes it an adventure.

So, go for it!

Or at least have the free consultation and then check your gut, your bank account, and references, first!

Readers: Have you had positive or negative experiences with matchmakers? Would you use them again?

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