Monday, October 6, 2008

From the Beginning

When I start coaching with someone, I almost always begin with something I call the Relationship Readiness Inventory. It's a questionnaire you fill out that goes over your childhood and relationship experiences.

From that, we can usually determine 5 or more primary growth areas - or areas to tend to as you move forward with dating. They are the relationship habits that aren't working any more that we replace with new ways of being that will attract your soulmate.

"ARRGGHHH! But NOT my childhood!"

I sometimes hear that, but we start at your beginning because your early family experiences create your relationship map- the way you tend to habitually interact with yourself, others, and the world. And from those childhood experiences, can usually discover the origins of the patterns that are holding you back.

When you know where something came from, and see how it's played out all your life, it becomes more easy to recognize, and then change.

It opens the door to hope.

Plus things start to make a heck of a lot more sense: "OH, THAT's why I do THAT!"

So, let's see what Lisa and I learned when we delved back into her past for a little bit...

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