Monday, October 6, 2008

What About More than One Guy?, From Lisa

I am about to shower and dress to go have my second date with Barry. It feels rather odd to be interested in two guys at once.

Barry hasn't really written much since our first meeting ten days ago, and since then I have been writing more to Derrick.

How do I deal with these strange feelings that I am "dating" more than one guy at a time?
What can I tell myself to make it feel "okay."

I KNOW that it is, since I am not sleeping with either......and don't plan to for quite some time, and tonight doesn't feel so odd.

But I think if I were to get up to the fourth and fifth date....with each...that then I may have some real trouble with it, like it won't feel like I am being honest with each.

How do I deal with THAT? (or maybe by then a choice would be clear??)


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