Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Distance Intrigue, From Lisa

Not much to update with on the man scene.......except it is another Friday night.........and I have NO DATE!!!!

Did just get a call from Gary in California and the more we talk, the more we learn we have a LOT in common.

He even hinted tonight at coming here to meet me...and exploring possibilities.....if we like each other.

We are both sort of free spirits....both into healthy eating and living......but I am deathly afraid of doing the long distance thing........after a bad experience with it earlier this year.

Still.......I am just not finding men who think like I do, here in MN. The only things keeping me here are my kids, grand kids, and the possibility of getting back into product design.

Talk to me a bit about ways to possibly make the distance thing work.

Would it be best if one of us spends time where the other get to know each other?

Since we are both so foot loose and fancy about if we decide together to go somewhere totally new.......for a bit, and see what we can build..........with plenty of apart time to start.

Any advice would be helpful!!!!


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