Monday, October 6, 2008

Insights From My Relationship Readiness Inventory- From Lisa

Man, that was draining! We talked for more than 2 hours!

But I think I learned more about myself today than I ever knew.

So much makes so much more sense. I need a couple of days to absorb and process the info from today. It was pretty heavy.

And I find myself close to tears at times........but mostly happy tears, knowing that there IS something more to love, and to being in love than I have ever known or experienced.

The Inventory feedback made me realize how my childhood played a role in the ways that I relate to men.

I learned that I tend to run off and be by myself when things start to go bad, instead of staying to "face the music." It also helped me to see the ways that I might have contributed to causing the relationship to suffer instead of doing things that might instead bring us closer.

I grew up in a family of eight children and my parents never seemed to have the time for each of us that was needed, especially at critical times during my developing stages.

And therefore I tend to seek out guys who I subconsciously think will give me what my parents did not. But they don’t!

Instead I can learn to give that love to myself, and thus be open to receiving a more wholesome and healthy relationship with a guy.

I know that I am strong enough to open up to a beautiful connection. And thus attract it to me as well. I am ready to paint this picture.........and bring it to life.



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