Sunday, January 4, 2009

3rd Times the Charm

Hi Dr. Jenn,

I just got home from my third date with Terry, to a movie and dinner.

And I am REALLY liking him. We laugh so much. And he is SOOOOO sweet and easy going. He sees the humorous side in most anything. I LOVE IT!!

He wants to see me again, soon.

I don't know Terry or Danny well enough yet, but if I had to choose between them today, Terry would win.

He is so sweet and cuddly and warm.

We saw SEVEN POUNDS, the new Will Smith movie, and he even cried!

Anyway, life is pretty darn good right now.




How awesome!

Isn’t it interesting how your feelings can change so much from one date to the next!?

After the second date, you were thinking of canceling this third date- and now you are really digging him!

That’s why I always recommend giving someone at least 3 dates, if you have any interest in someone at all.

It can take at least that long for the real person to start shining through. So, I am super glad you waited it out! That is a great dating lesson to have experienced.

And now the reward: A man who is in touch with his emotions enough to cry!

That’s one of my favorite male characteristics. In fact, when I was online dating, my profile said: “Bonus for a man who can remember the last time he cried.” So, Terry just earned bonus points in my book!

Don't worry about choosing, or how it will turn out- just keep allowing it to unfold in all of it's exciting glory!

You don’t have to KNOW anything right now, your only job is to enjoy the process and keep listening to your gut about how you feel!

Dr. Jenn

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