Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back in the Online Dating Saddle- Rearing to Go!

Hi Dr. Jenn,

After the move and one week at my new job, I am finally feeling my energy return. And finally feeling like once again putting myself out there to date.

I posted my profile on THREE different online dating sites today…and actually subscribed to CHEMISTRY.com.

Chemistry seems like the more "serious daters" division of MATCH.com. By that I mean it seems to focus on people who are seriously looking for real committed long term relationships........unlike what seems to be the case on either Match.com or yahoo personals.

I have already been winked at by a couple of guys on MATCH........but it usually takes a few days to get the profiles approved and noticed.

So, with renewed enthusiasm and excitement...and all of your advice planted in my head, I officially enter into the "juggling" phase of dating. (that is if I can find more than one guy to "juggle" : )

I just KNOW that this is the year (2009) that it is going to "happen" for me. Horoscope concurs. Away we go!!!!!!




Welcome back! I’m glad you are rested and ready to go. And with such enthusiasm!

Stoking the fires of optimism, enthusiasm, and positive expectation- that “I just KNOW”- is the type of vibe that will best serve you.

In fact, dear readers, it is the secret key to attraction: When you expect love, and keep the doors wide open to love, love has a way of sauntering right on in!

I like that you hopped right back in the game by getting on 3 different online dating sites.

Diversification of interests works in the financial world- and it’s smart in dating too. With a finger in a few pots- you don’t get as impatient waiting for one to boil.

Smart move!

It’s also wise to match up your goal, here, a long term relationship, with what the site’s specialty is.

In this case, Match.com Chemistry is a wise choice, because, yes, it’s members should be more serious than regular Match members!

So, onward and upward!

If you have online dating questions, let me know as you go!

Dr. Jenn

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