Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When the Going gets Old: Embrace Curiosity

Hi Dr. Jenn,

Well, back to juggling. I have been talking to several (8-10) men of all sorts, but only one's with grown kids and who I have a good gut feeling about.

There are only about three near here (within 20 miles) that seem most interesting.

One is of GREAT interest, but of course he lives the furthest away, all the way in Massachusetts!!

I love his lifestyle and the way he writes, and we have many common interests, and they are the interests that are the most important to me. He seems VERY available, if we only lived closer to one another. The distance seems like too big a hurdle, but you never know I guess.

For now, will continue to get to know the closer ones too, and meet them one at a time. So, just reporting that the juggling is going quite well. About where it needs to be for now.

Sure am tired though, of starting over and over.

Am doing the EFT tapping every day (from the recent Meditation Monday), and listening to the Brain Sync CDs, and also seeking deeper truths within me as to staying open, and aware of what feels right.

Also clearing out some old stuff that could be blocking the relationship depth I desire, and staying clear to what it is I REALLY seek and want, so as not to be taken for a ride by other things.

In a way, it is like turning over the process to some higher power, and just focusing on gratitude and love of what is. And I am very grateful for being able to share this with you!!

So, this is where I am today.



Glad to hear that you are back to juggling.

I KNOW it can feel daunting, this up and down, back and forth of dating. It’s easy to wish that was over and you were living your happily ever after- already!

So, do try to keep going back to viewing dating as an amazing journey, a process of self-discovery and growth- by embracing wonder & curiosity: Who is coming into my life next and what will the gifts and lessons be?!

Because it is through this journey, and the lesson learning that you are being prepared to meet your soulmate.

It cannot happen before you BOTH have been prepared and stand, ready & able.

As in everything else in life, it’s about learning to love the traveling, not just the destination. Consider this: What would help you enjoy the traveling more? Everyone has their own answer.

Of course, you know this already, but one way to do that is to keep the focus on the gratitude for the lessons and gifts, daily even, in your gratitude journal. Writing it down helps you keep your intention on the positive nature of your journey.

I do love that you have a sense of simply accepting and loving What IS, and turning it over to the Universe, with TRUST, KNOWING that you are right where you need to be and the process is unfolding as it should be. That is the place you want to keep standing!

And it’s super that you are making use of the tools that surround you, like the EFT Meditation and the Brain Sync CD’s. I encourage you to keep using them!

In fact, if you didn’t make it to the Pink Roses Meditation this week, I suggest listening to it- the imagery is simple, yet had a very heart opening effect for me. It’s an image you can play with whenever you need to. And it sends out that loving pink energy out into the world, to do what? Attract in your soulmate!

So, maintain that open space in your heart, and embrace curiosity and soon all sorts of wonderful things will be flowing your way!

With love and light,
Dr. Jenn

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