Monday, March 30, 2009

Unclogging Your Love Life

Hi Dr. Jenn,

Okay, I have re-focused, and have let go of the guys that didn't match my dream.

And, guess what?! A whole BUNCH of new ones have shown up. I think I get it!

When you are juggling and one ball drops, I don't try to find THAT ball again, but grab another that has been tossed in my direction, and keep right on juggling, until ONE ball shows up that is just too good to be true, and he feels the same about me.


I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!




By golly, I think you are brilliant!

YES- That’s exactly it!

I love the metaphor- you just keep juggling new and interesting balls until the right ball is in your hands- drop all balls that don’t feel right, and enjoy the playful juggling!

Sounds like a recipe for fun and success!

It also illustrates last post's principle perfectly- that when you let go of all who do not fit- it allows room for more wonderful opportunities to show up!!

So many people clog up their life dating folks who are almost right, or Mr. Right Now.

Important Principle: As long as you are clogged your soulmate is delayed.

You just keep playing, shining Who You Really Are, connect authentically with everyone you meet, take leave genuinely and gently when the time is right, and learn the gifts of all of your lessons on this delightful journey.

Until, HE shows up.

In delightful service of love,
Dr. Jenn

Readers: How has unclogging your love life resulted in better flow of love into your life? Please share.

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